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Revised January 2009
The purpose of the FBBI Quality Assurance Standards Review is to ensure guests a consistently comfortable, quality experience when visiting any member inn. Local code and regulations is the criteria. Some Historical Properties may be exempt from certain criteria based on local ordinances. Check with your local officials and be prepared to show proof of exemption to inspector.
  • BPR - FL Division of Hotels & Restaurants permit
  • BPR - FL Food Manager's License
  • BPR - FL Food Handler's Permits for all applicable employees
  • Florida state tax ID number
  • Current brochure
Type of breakfast served: Full __________ Continental __________ Pre-packaged __________



Rates, inn policies and cancellation policy information provided to guests in writing
24 hour coverage for in-coming calls
Phone provided for guest use with emergency numbers posted nearby.
Guests must be informed in writing on how to contact innkeepers whenever they are off the premises.
Published materials (website, brochure, etc.) accurately reflect property, number of rooms, services and amenities.
On-site pets disclosed to guests in all materials.
FBBI comment cards available to all guests.
Reservations desk neat and orderly if in view of guests
Guests are informed of inn policy regarding when/if doors are locked and how access is provided
Locks on all windows
First aid kit available for emergencies



All equipment and work surfaces in the licensed kitchen appear to be clean, neat, well-maintained, and free from clutter.



Innkeeper present to greet guests
Fresh towels and maid service available daily
Ironing board and iron available for guest use
Reading material available
Host and staff should be friendly, warm and personable. Opportunities for interaction between guests and hosts should exist.
Information available on area restaurants, attractions, and services



Well-maintained grounds and gardens. Good weed control. No dead plants or trees.
Safe entry & walkways in good repair and easily seen, free of clutter.
Building exterior clean, no peeling paint, broken windows, torn screens or broken shutters, no excessively dirty areas or wood/brick/masonry deterioration.
Garbage, building materials, lawn equipment, etc. to be out of sight.
Decks, gazebos, porches to be in good repair, no splintering or breakage, banisters and railings to be firmly attached, no peeling paint
Patio furnishings, swings, rocking chairs, etc. in good repair with no splintering, breakage or peeling of paint. Cushions may not be torn, dirty or have excessive fading.
Guest parking: adequate number of spaces & lighting
Identity sign easily seen by approaching guests, free of obstructing foliage or fencing
If on premises, swimming pools, spas, tennis courts, or other recreational facilities must be well?maintained and meet general standards of safety, quality, and cleanliness.



Walls, ceilings & moldings clean and in good repair
Furnishings to be maintained in clean, good condition with adequate seating for number of guests
Adequate room lighting
Floor & floor coverings are clean & in good repair
Clean, wrinkle free linens without stains or excessive wear.
China, glassware and flatware stored in sanitary manner, to be free of stains, chips, and cracks. The use of plastic & paper products is discouraged.



Indoors ______
Outdoors ______


Walls, ceilings & moldings clean and in good repair.
Carpets and floors vacuumed, swept, or mopped, including corners and along baseboards.
Comfortable and well-maintained furnishings. Available seating should be appropriate for size of property and typical number of guests.
Adequate lighting in reading areas - 75 watt bulb minimum.
Windows clean, no cracks, with well-maintained glazing. Window coverings clean with no excessive fading or wear.
Lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, walls and corners, etc. free of dust, cobwebs, excessive hand or dirt marks.


If common areas exist outside only, all items under Property Exterior are of additional importance. Comfortable seating must be available appropriate for the size of property and typical number of guests.



Smoke detectors in each bedroom, as well as hallways
All guestrooms equipped with security lock
Flashlights or emergency lighting provided in each room
Locks on windows
Emergency procedures, exit diagram and location of fire extinguishers posted in guest rooms
If telephones are available in rooms, emergency numbers must be posted on or near them
Windows must open easily in case of emergency.


Primary bed with box springs & mattress in good condition - no sagging, no broken sides of mattress frames
Bed frames should be high quality wood, brass or iron. Headboards are required except in specific decorative situations
Box springs should be covered either with dust ruffle or fitted covering
Luggage rack or equivalent bench space
Lighting on both sides of primary bed (min. 75 watt bulbs) at an appropriate height for reading while propped up in bed
Lighting by each reading chair (min.75 watt bulb)
Bedside table on each side of primary bed except in specific decorative situations. Adequate shelf space and lighting is required regardless if table is provided.
Dresser or other adequate drawer space
Acceptable furnishings may vary based on typical use of property, but should include multiple options for comfortable seating and various tasks.


Guest bedrooms should be individually decorated, attractive, and in keeping with current styles and standards
No personal items of innkeeper stored in closets or drawers.
At a minimum, 2 sheets; mattress pad; 2 pillows; pillow cases; pillow protectors; blanket, and suitable coverlet shall be provided. Must be clean and in good repair with no signs of excessive wear, fading, stains or fraying.
Closet or wardrobe with a minimum of 6 wood/plastic hangers plus 2 pant/skirt hangers. No wire hangers.
Provide extra blanket and pillows in each room stored in clean condition, covered, free from mildew or dust
Bed linens changed upon check-out or every third day for extended stays
Lined wastebasket
Facial tissue
Alarm clock
Easily accessible electrical outlets
Heating and ventilation adequate for climate.
Window coverings provide privacy and some light control


All surfaces clean and dust and mildew free, including but not limited to furniture, upholstery, window sills, baseboards, mini-blinds, curtains, chair rails, knick-knacks, ceiling fans, bureau and nightstand drawers, decorative items, silk and real plants, etc.
If bed has canopy, it must be clean and free from dust
Floors & floor coverings clean & in good repair, no staining, damage or excessive wear, thoroughly vacuumed, including under bed and into corners.
All window coverings should be clean and free from dust, stains, tears, or excessive wear
All lampshades clean and in good condition
Heat and return ducts to be dust and dirt free
Walls, switch plates and ceiling must be clean without cobwebs, dust or excessive dirt marks
Closets must be clean, vacuumed/swept, and odor free
Rooms must be fresh smelling, free of excessive odors from deodorizers, cleaning agents, or fragrant items such as potpourri.



Bathroom must have a fully functioning tub and/or shower, toilet, and sink. The sink may be located in bedroom area.
Fixtures must be clean & in good repair - no rust, mildew, drips, stains or chipping
Privacy enclosure on shower/tub (door or curtain)
Shelf space adequate for toiletries near the sink
Adequate general lighting
Mirror at sink with ample light for shaving/make-up
GFI electrical outlet convenient to mirror
Tub and shower caulking and tile must be in good condition
Rubber mat must be available for use on any non-skid-resistant surface
Carpet may not be used in toilet area
Proper ventilation by exhaust fan or window
Towel bars to be in good condition and firmly affixed to the wall in close proximity to shower and/or tub and vanity area. Towel caddies or freestanding racks to be in good condition and firmly positioned.
Hooks or racks to be provided for robes or clothing
Water pressure must be adequate and quantity of hot water must be adequate for maximum number of guests
Window coverings must provide complete privacy, be clean and in good repair
Hall and adjoining baths must have lock on inside


Must be maintained at highest level of cleanliness with no mildew, dust, rust, soap scum, stains, or grimy film on fixtures, ceiling, walls, or floors
Shower/tub door or curtain must be clean, free of tears, mildew or stains
Must be fresh smelling, free of odors from dirt, mildew, mold, poor sanitation, faulty plumbing, or heavy deodorizers
Wastebasket must be lined and emptied daily
Floors must be clean and in good condition. Grout and tile must be maintained properly and linoleum must not curl up, have major tears or excessive staining.


Clean drinking glasses daily - may be in bedroom instead. If stored in bathroom, glass should not be used. Glass or cup must be covered or turned upside-down on a clean, sanitary surface.
Night light
Large bath towel, hand towel and washcloth for each guest, changed daily unless requested otherwise
One cloth bath mat provided
Towels of good quality in good repair with no stains, ragged edges or fraying, or excessive fading. Towels to be of adequate size for average adult.
Good quality toilet tissue with extra roll available to guest.
Facial tissue provided
At least one 1-Ã'½ oz bar of individually wrapped bath soap to be available for guest.
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