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Bensen Days Annual Fly In 2013

Monday, March 25th, 2013


One of my favorite events to attend in Wauchula, Florida is the Bensen Days Fly In at the Wauchula Municipal Airport. This year it’s Wednesday April 3rd – Saturday April 6th, 2013.  I have come to this Fly In for the past 13 years and have always enjoyed watching the Gyrocopters taking off and landing, as well as, the fun of the competition of turning off the engine and trying to land in a particular spot.  It’s always exciting.  This is a celebration of an aircraft called a gyroplane, sometimes known by the brand name “Gyrocopter.” The gathering is named after a pioneer in home-built gyroplanes, Igor Bensen. Each spring, enthusiasts gather in Florida to fly and reconnect with other pilots from around the country and world in one of the largest gatherings of its kind in the US.

A gyroplane is a propeller driven aircraft, which uses a non-powered rotor for lift instead of a wing. It does not spin or stall like fixed wing aircraft. It stays fully controllable even if the engine quits. It is the most agile and maneuverable of aircraft and lands with little or no roll out.

Bensen Days is one of the oldest and largest gyroplane fly-ins in the world. Each Spring  enthusiasts gather in Wauchula to rekindle their bond with each other and drill holes in the sky in a celebration of aviation unlike any other.

Most participants camp right at the airport, but there is a fine and Bed and Breakfast a short drive away. Food is available at the airport and there is also a variety of restaurants within easy driving distance.

The event officially starts on Wednesday April 3rd and wraps up Saturday the 6th. Visitors are welcome and a day pass is available at the registration tent.

The nearby Quilter’s Inn Bed and Breakfast is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your down time.  The hospitality is wonderful and the beds comfortable.

Wauchula Municipal Airport (CHN)
1202 Maurice Sonny Clavel Road
Wauchula, Florida 33873

Benson Days

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Mark your calendars now for the 37th Annual Benson Days, April 21 – 25, 2010. This is the premier gyroplane gathering in the east, and promises to be a lot of fun. You’ll want to book a room at a Wauchula bed and breakfast now!

Gyroplanes are out of this world!

Gyroplanes are out of this world!

If you don’t know what a gyroplane is, the best way to describe it is with a photo, like the one on the right. It’s a cross between a plane and a helicopter, using rotorblades that spin to fly and a propeller for forward motion. They are inexpensive to buy and build, extremely maneuverable, and a lot of fun for experienced pilots.

Benson Days takes place at the Wauchula Municipal airport. It’s a pretty casual event, so come early and stay late. If you can tear yourself away from the gyroplanes, you’ll find there is lots to do in and around Wauchula: visit Solomon’s Castle, or the impressive Valley of the Bones.

You may even want to take a gyroplane tour of the region, staying at several Central West Florida bed and breakfasts as you go. We are about 70 miles from St. Petersburg and Tampa – maybe less as the gyroplane flies. And there are innumerable charming towns up and down the Central West Coast, from Cedar Key to Venice.

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