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Billions of Butterflies

Monday, October 17th, 2011
Butterflies are back

Sit peacefully with the butterflies at the Fort Meyers Butterfly Estates.

There aren’t actually billions of butterflies at The Butterfly Estates, but there certainly are thousands of them. Located in the River District of Fort Meyers, Butterfly Estates is part butterfly conservatory, part botanical gardens, and part historic village. It is a delightful place to visit while vacationing at Southwest Florida Bed and Breakfasts in nearby Bokeelia and Cape Coral.

Nathaniel Hawthorne once wrote, “Happiness is a Butterfly, which when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you!”

A few hours at The Butterfly Estates does calm and refresh the soul. Guests are invited to sit among gorgeous tropical plants and cascading waterfalls and watch butterflies as they flutter about in search of nectar. The Glazed Glass Butterfly Conservatory is over 3,500 square feet of fragrant tranquility. If you sit quietly enough, a butterfly may well rest on your shoulders or head. Take it as a good omen – the happiness Hawthorne thought it to be.

Fort Meyers is perhaps best known as being home to the Winter Estates of American giants Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. A visit to Fort Meyers is a fun break from days spent lounging on beaches, boating up and down the coast, and jumping waves in the Gulf of Mexico. Fort Meyers has several interesting historic sites, art museums, and nature centers. And Fort Meyers has the Butterfly Estates.

Hours and directions are available at The Butterfly Estates.

A list of Florida Bed and Breakfasts in Bokeelia and Cape Coral Florida is available at Southwest Florida Bed and Breakfasts.


Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

These men were giants, and they were friends. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford transformed our lives. They brought us the telegraph, telephone, and x-ray machine. They brought us the automobile, and paved the way of the future. Their winter estates in Fort Myers, Southwest Florida are fascinating – everyone should visit them.

It is easy to spend a whole day at the Winter Estates of Ford and Edison. Visit Edison’s laboratory, where he discovered that goldenrod could be used to produce latex. Visit his Botanical Gardens, which are home to more than a thousand varieties of tropical plants – many of which Edison used in his experiments. A tour of the botanical gardens reveals some of Edison’s uses for the plants, such as what bamboo has to do with the light bulb. As I say, fascinating.

The remarkable banyan tree at the Edison Winter Estate.

The remarkable banyan tree at the Edison Winter Estate.

The museum houses many interesting exhibits; learn about the young Edison and his inventions; see his collection of movie projectors, cameras and nickelodeons, as well as his extensive phonograph collection. See photographs of Edison, Ford and their families and friends in and around Fort Myers. Visit Ford’s gallery, and see the 1916 Model T Touring Car that Ford gave to Edison.

You will undoubtedly work up an appetite here, which may be satisfied at the Banyan Café between 10am and 3pm. There are also numerous restaurants in Fort Myers. Ask your Fort Myers Florida bed and breakfast innkeepers for a list of their favorite spots to eat near the Edison and Ford Winter Estates.

You’ll be happy when you head back to your SW Florida bed and breakfast. It is good to learn about Thomas Edison and Henry Ford –  somehow it creates a sense of awe and optimism. These men had great visions and the perseverance to make their dreams reality.

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