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Florida Boutique Inn Collection

Friday, October 11th, 2013

PoncedeLeonThe Florida Bed and Breakfast Inns is proud to introduce the Boutique Collection of Inns to the already fabulous collection of Florida Bed and Breakfast Inns.  There seems to be some overlap between the concept of a small boutique inn and a bed and breakfast. Boutique Inns are described as personalized, customized, unique, and individual, combining historic details with chic elegance.  The most important defining features of boutique Inns are cultural, historical, authenticity; the boutique hotel is not part of a chain and that it provides interesting, unique services. Other important defining descriptors of boutique hotels include, social spaces such as living rooms, libraries with social rooms and many, high-quality inroom features.

 A “Boutique Inns” describes an approach and attitude, with no regard to hotel size. A Boutique hotel is a term that describes Inns that contain luxury facilities of varying size in unique or intimate settings with full service accommodations. Typically boutique hotels are furnished in a themed and stylish manner. Boutique Inns are often individual and focused on offering their services in a comfortable, intimate, and welcoming setting.

Guest rooms and suites may be fitted with telephone and Wi-Fi Internet, air-conditioning, honesty bars and cable TV, but sometimes none of these, focusing on quiet and comfort rather than gadgetry. Guest services are often attended to by 24 hour staff members.  Many boutique hotels have on-site dining facilities, and offer bars and lounges that may also be open to the general public.  Boutique Inns have typically been unique properties operated by individuals or companies with a small collection.

Travelers nowadays expect more than simple comfort and convenience. An increasing number of travelers prefer to be “surprised”. When planning trips, they seek properties that are noticeably different in look and feel from branded hotels. The Florida Bed and Breakfast Inns Boutique Collection have met a standard established by FBBI, Select Registry, 4 Diamond, AAA 4 Star or Superior Small Lodging White Glove Award, so you can be assured of the highest quality and standards if you choose a Florida Bed and Breakfast Boutique Collection Inn.


Plein Air Paintout in NW Florida

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Art enthusiasts are invited to travel to NW Florida for the 2011 Plein Air Paintout, May 13-22.

Come to NW Florida for the the Plein Air Paintout, May 13-22, 2011.

Plein Air painting first captured the hearts of artists in 19th century Europe. John Constable was one great artist to leave the studio behind. He painted the natural world as he saw it, when he saw it. Simple as it sounds, it was revolutionary. Other artists also felt the call to paint every day life and the world as it was. Plein Air painting was the predecessor to a movement recognized by all – Impressionism.

True plein air paintings are created on location; ideally, there is little or no work done in the studio at all. Artists much capture the sun as it rises or sets, finding the right colors in a matter of minutes. It is challenging, but the rewards are many.

Florida’s Forgotten Coast Plein Air Invitational spans ten days and includes 5 exhibits, daily demonstrations, workshops, public receptions, and art sales. Although specific artists are invited to participate, many other artists also set up their easels up and down the coast.

NW Florida Bed and Breakfasts welcome both artists and art enthusiasts. The Plein Air Paintout spans several communities on the Forgotten Coast, including but not limited to Cape San Blas, Port St. Joe, and Apalachicola.

Please see Plein Air Paintout for additional information.

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