The Canals of Cape Coral

People tend to think of Venice, Italy, as the city of canals, yet Cape Coral, Florida, trumps Venice by a long shot. There are over 400 miles of canals and waterways in Cape Coral, resulting in hundreds of waterfront properties. These canals spill into the Caloosahatchee River, which in turn leads to the Gulf of Mexico.

West Indian Manatee are frequent visitors to the Caloosahatchee River and the canals of Cape Coral. Manatee can’t survive in cold water; when the water temperature drops and stays below 60 degrees, manatees head to warm, spring-fed rivers and the shallow, sun-warmed canals. Look for them while staying at a Cape Coral Florida Bed and Breakfast.

Winter is a fabulous time to visit Cape Coral and share the canals with the manatee. Try exploring the waterways by kayak, which may be the best way to explore these sometimes narrow, shallow waterways; you’ll move silently through the water and won’t spook or endanger the manatee. How long would it take to paddle the canals – all four hundred miles?

Another good reason to book a room in a Cape Coral Florida Bed and Breakfast during the winter is the annual Cape Coral Festival of the Arts. The next festival takes place January 8 – 9, 2011 at the Cape Coral Parkway. Booths feature artists and craftspeople, their work, and a variety of merchants and food vendors.

The canals of Cape Coral, from above.

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