Business as Usual in Quincy

Quincy is a business hub in Northwest Florida, and Quincy Bed and Breakfasts readily welcome business travelers.

Quincy is located in Gladson County, midway between Pensacola, on the northwest border of Florida, and Jacksonville, far to the northeast. It became an important hub in the 1820’s, when these two cities shared responsibility for governing Florida and it was clear that a more central location was necessary. Nearby Tallahassee is the capital of Florida today, but Quincy is the site of the first legislative buildings in this part of Florida. It has been an important Florida city since that time.

In addition to government, three important industries are associated with Quincy: shade tobacco (used for wrapping cigars), Fuller’s Earth (a clay-like earthy material used to filter and purify), and Coca-Cola. Whatever work brings you to Quincy or the greater Tallahassee area, you are sure to be most comfortable if you stay in a Quincy Florida bed and breakfast. They have all the amenities needed for work, from internet to ironing boards.

Perhaps the best part of staying in a Florida bed and breakfast when traveling for business is the high level of personal service and comfort. No more lukewarm re-hydrated eggs at the standard breakfast buffet – start your day with a hearty, home cooked breakfast and a strong cup of coffee. At the end of the day, relax on a porch swing, wander through beautiful gardens, or unwind in the parlor; consider yourself at home.

Quincy’s extensive historic district is a feast for the eyes. Find a Florida bed and breakfast here, and say goodbye to uncomfortable business travel.

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