Governor Scott meets with FBBI Managing Director, Patricia Detwiler

Meeting with Governor Scott in Wauchula, Fl

Patricia Detwiler, Managing Director of the Florida Bed and Breakfast Inns Association, met with Governor Scott to discuss issues that affect the Bed and Breakfast Industry.   Unlicensed AirBnb’s, the deregulation of vacation rentals and rooming houses, has the licensed Bed and Breakfast Inns feeling particularly singled out.  Some licensed properties are selectively targeted by state hotel/restaurant inspectors having to pay both a Bed and Breakfast License fees, as well as, a restaurant license, even though most inns only serve breakfast.  It would seem to make sense to have only one license that allows Bed and Breakfast Inns to be able to serve breakfast.  Governor Scott was a great listener and put in motion future meetings with the appropriate people to give this and other issues consideration and possible change.  Having a voice in Florida for individual Bed and Breakfast owners is one of the reasons that Bed and Breakfast owners join this non profit association.  Where else can individual small business owners have a real voice on what affects their business.  Cutting license expenses is just one of the first steps in 2013.  If you think deregulation of the Bed and Breakfast Industry is a good idea, I’d like to hear your thoughts.  Vacation Rentals and rooming houses have the same transient housing nature of the Bed and Breakfast, except licensed B & B’s go through fire safety inspections, have monitored alarmed systems and pay insurance normally three times the cost of the unlicensed properties.  What are some of the changes you’d like to see?


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