Sarasota Jungle Gardens

One of the most magnificent aspects of Florida is its ecological diversity. You’ll find miles of white sandy beaches, acres of mangrove forests, everglades and rich farmland. Sarasota Jungle Gardens gives visitors a taste of the dense jungles of South America or Asia. Plan to stay in a Sarasota Florida bed and breakfast while exploring the wonderful, rich Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

See enchanting flamigos at Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

In the 1930s, the land that is now the Jungle Gardens was a swampy banana grove, considered impenetrable. Thousands of tropical plants, flowers and trees were brought here from all over the world, and a veritable tropical paradise was created. Today, that paradise is home to hundreds of animals, a good 85% of which were rescued or donated. In addition, American flamingos have free reign of our land. Visitors are educated on exotic pet ownership, reptiles, mammals and flamingos.

Sarasota Jungle Gardens celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2010. It is family owned and operated, and offers a unique and wonderful experience to visitors. Each day there are several educational and entertaining animal shows, featuring reptiles, parrots, and birds of prey; you never know what you’ll see, but you can be sure you’ll be happy you saw it.

And see amazing alligators.

Check out Sarasota Jungle Gardens when next you stay at a Sarasota bed and breakfast, in Central West Florida. You’ll be happy you did.

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