Sea Turtles in Central East Florida

Something special takes place near Daytona in Central East Florida from mid May to the end of October; green turtles emerge from the sea to lay their eggs. They come forth at night, locate the perfect spot in dry sand in which to deposit their eggs, and then return to the sea. Two months later, hundreds of baby turtles hatch from the eggs and make their way to the ocean. It is a wondrous cycle, and one that is incredible to behold.

Leatherback Sea Turtle Hiding Its Eggs

A Leatherback Sea Turtle Hiding her eggs.

Green Turtles are an endangered species, and great care is taken to keep the nests and hatchlings undisturbed. At night, beachfront lighting and driving is restricted because lights confuse the hatchlings and draw them away from the ocean. Such restrictions are a small price to pay. The rewards are great for those of us who catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures, which we can do from a distance of thirty feet. It is worth spending weeks at a Central East Florida bed and breakfast during the nesting season for the opportunity to see them.

The Marine Science Center in lovely Ponce Inlet, just a few miles south of Daytona, is a great spot to learn more about sea turtles. The center is dedicated to caring for injured and sick turtles, eventually releasing them back to the sea. Each year, it also helps wash backs – hatchlings tossed back on the beach by rough seas – make their way to the safety of the ocean.

Seeing and learning about sea turtles is only one of the ways to connect with nature while at a bed and breakfast Daytona Florida. Swim with the dolphins, or spend a day scuba diving or snorkeling; you’ll be amazed by all the activity you see under the water.

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