Central Florida Wineries

Spanish settlers who first came to the Florida region were struck by the abundance of wild grapes. It seemed to them that this place must be perfect for cultivating wine. Word spread, and more settlers came from Spain and France, with the intention of making wine. They were successful, and the first wine was consumed in 1565.

Today there are only a handful of Florida wineries throughout the state. It can be hard to find these wines, but trust me, they are worth seeking. Most Florida wines include some of the native grapes that first enticed the French and Spanish settlers to produce wines in the first place, such as the Muscadine, Noble and Scuppernong. Ask the innkeepers at your bed and breakfast Central East Florida if they have ever tasted Florida wine.

When next you travel to a Central East Florida bed and breakfast, take a trip to Clermont and Lakeridge Winery. Clermont sits about 25 miles west of Orlando and 60 miles south of Ocala. The area was once the center of Florida’s grape industry, and today Lakeridge Winery remains a “pioneer in the development of table and sparkling wines from muscadine and hybrid grapes.” In addition, “vintage-dated varietals from hybrids such as Stover and Blanc Du Bois are produced and marketed along with blended and sparkling wines from native Muscadine grapes.”

Spend an afternoon visiting Lakeridge Winery. Tours and wine tasting are offered daily, year round. This is a lovely, and slightly unexpected, addition to Florida Travel. If you like what you taste, you may end up introducing your friends and  family to Florida wines. What a delightful surprise that would be.
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