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Florida is a big state with a big personality and even a bigger list of fun things to do while visiting the sunshine state! There are six distinct regions of the state. Each has a specific set of special places and unique features.

The Southeast Florida region has the chic elegance of Palm Beach and the pulsating rhythms of Miami's South Beach. They alone can be more than enough to keep most vacationers deliriously and delightfully entertained. Add in the grassy vastness of the Everglades and the coral majesty of the Florida Keys, and the result is a miracle of diversity and a vacation treasure unlike any other -- this is Southeast Florida.

The Central East Florida Region blasts through the Space Coast and quietly ends amid the buried gold of the Treasure Coast. From horseless carriages to speedy racers, and from sunken Spanish galleons to rocketing space ships, the Central East region blends the glory of Florida's yesteryear with the triumphs of tomorrow.

The Northeast Florida Region combines America's oldest European settlement with one of the nation's leading modern seaports, Jacksonville. A collection of small up-and-coming towns adds to the local color and natural beauty. Encompassing Atlantic beaches and inland rural communities, the region offers travelers timeless adventures through mysterious 17th-century forts, vast prairie lands and wide beaches lined with sand dunes.

The Southwest Florida Region has unspoiled beaches, exotic wildlife and subtropical environments. The region combines the sophistication of a pampered island resort with the relaxed style of Old Florida. From the Ten Thousand Islands that lie in tranquil azure waters off its coast, to the vast wilderness preserves that claim its southern reaches, Southwest Florida luxuriously beckons visitors to enjoy idyllic beach getaways and captivating backcountry adventures.

The Central West Florida region is a popular destination for relaxation and romance. Getaway for a visit to Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater or Sarasota, and discover the Central West region's vast array of cultural, historic, natural and recreational riches along gem-colored waters and sun-drenched beaches. A leading center for the performing arts, as well as galleries, universities and much more for your enjoyment.

The Northwest Florida stretches from the historic city of Pensacola on the state's western border, east to Apalachicola. With miles of undeveloped natural beaches, quiet fishing villages and quaint historic districts, visitors will feel like they are among the first to discover the "Other Florida."

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